Packing the right items in your roadside emergency kit could make all the difference in you getting home safely and in a timely manner. Here is what should be inside your vehicle each time you leave the house.

Jumper cables could help get you moving again in case the car battery will not start. Now any driver could come to your rescue with a jump from their car. Always keep a flashlight and new batteries in the roadside emergency kit, you never know if you might break down at night and need light to make repairs or to flag for help. Bring along a couple cans of tire fix-a-flat and keep it in the trunk. This could help inflate the tire enough to get it off the rim so you can move the vehicle to a safe area or limp to the nearest service station.

Bring your vehicle to Bluebonnet Motors to have a full inspection so there won't be any surprises next time you hit the road.



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