If you are looking for an SUV that combines luxury with durability, you will want to take a look at the Lincoln MKT. This mid-sized SUV is equipped with a number of features that provide a pleasant driving experience.

The Lincoln MKT designers wanted to make your driving experience easier. With that in mind, the Lincoln MKT is equipped with active park assist. This system will help you look for a place to parallel park. When a space is found, the sensors help you fit into the space with ease. The Lincoln MKT also features adaptive cruise control. You set the speed. The system will slow when slower traffic is present. The pre-set speed will resume when safe.

Come in and look over and take the Lincoln MKT for a test drive at Bluebonnet Lincoln in New Braunfels. You will certainly discover that the MKT is a luxury SUV that is top performer.



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