Since when is it a rule that a safe, practical, dependable vehicle can’t be attractive, comfortable and all around a nice ride? I certainly missed the meeting with the automotive industry where this rule was voted into law. But, if you look at most practical vehicles, it sure seems like this is the case. Fortunately, some forward-thinking engineers seem to agree. We here in New Braunfels won’t compromise on safety and reliability, but thanks to Lincoln, we don’t have to.

This vehicle is reliable and safe, rugged and capable. This isn’t what makes it stand out, though. Fantastic little design features like the autofold power side view mirrors help to protect these crucial-to-safety components. Approach detection makes it easy to protect your vehicle and safely find it in a dark parking lot. The ambient lighting system allows for soft, easy visibility so you don’t have to compromise between blinding light or utter darkness.

To experience these and more engineering innovations, come visit us at Bluebonnet Motors today for a test drive.

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